Syair Sang Jurnalis

Russell Nichols, menuliskan puisi yang penuh dengan jargon-jargon jurnalisme berikut:

with a kiss, i interviewed your soul
your smile was an inverted pyramid
telling me the good news
before a single word was uttered
you didn’t miss a beat
and i kept coming back for another scoop
scattered articles
of clothing gave away the story
you liked me because my methods
were old-fashioned
i was networking with your mind, body and spirit
making contacts with your eyes
but i was unethical
i quoted your dreams
without citing you as my source
of inspiration
i have plagiarized your body language
and paraphrased our destiny in my own words
i have read your lips
without reading the byline
and did not notice my name
on the tip of your tongue
i now broadcast shadows
in the light of a public relation-ship
and you anchored your hopes
in the depths of my fears
i have buried the lede
beneath the beckoning of your breaths
i have forgotten you

© Russell Nichols. Didapat dari


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